Following a tragic accident,
two damaged souls find each other in a dark,
messed up situation.


Breathe is a dark emotional character driven drama set over the course of one day and night in London. The central character is Isobel (Red Madrell), a lonely young woman who is deeply affected when she witnesses her neighbour Matthew (Christopher Foran) knocked from his bike by a van. Isobel has a secret desire for Matthew, and despite her efforts to save his life, he dies in front of her.

Hours later in the dark hours of the morning she finds herself back at the scene of the accident, unable to sleep. There she meets Ciaron (Cian Barry), Matthew’s brother, and the two spend the evening together in an attempt to soothe the guilt and grief each feels.



Breathe is part of the 2017 London Calling short film slate funded by Film London and the Eastern Edge Film Fund.

The Eastern Edge Film Fund is funded by the East London boroughs of Waltham Forest and Redbridge

For more information on the London Calling scheme click here and to view the full 2017 London Calling slate click here